Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Card 9 | Shayla Johnson

Shayla Johnson is one of my Chicago representatives in this book. Her design group, called the G-Spot, has been around for 12 years and counting.

I dig this coffee stain. It reminds me of a personality ink blot from a Rorschach Test.

Card 8 | James Victore

I don’t think James really liked my project idea, but he painted my name in his style anyways. I heard James speak at the 2nd Annual Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC) Student Show and Convention in 2006. I remember him as one of the most sarcastic and humorous speakers, with an extremely dirty mouth.

Card 7 | Francis Pavy

This card was part colored and designed with markers, paint and real collage pieces. It definitely
took some time to make this beauty.

Card 6 | J.J. Sedelmaier

Look familiar? This artist and his company are responsible for those hilarious cartoon shorts on Saturday Night Live, and have done work for MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

Collections One

Over the years, I have collected a number of interesting ways that my name has been written, produced, or displayed. The Asian characters were made in San Fransisco when my parents went on a vacation. It lives in a frame next to my bed. The above was on the back of an envelope from one of my best friends, Abbey, who was trying to make the letter look like it was from Hogwarts. Below I have a doodle that I kept from class, and a scan of the comic from which I was named. I used to doodle my name on just about everything, which was one of the reasons I thought of the idea for this book.

Card 5 | Milton Glaser

Wow! I was very honored to get his card in the mail. Known in some books as the “Father of Graphic Design”, Milton Glaser is most known for his numerous logos and most importantly, the “I ♥ NY” identity.

I used to have these multi-color lead pencils and loved them.Very retro. Note the neat marks the mailing process made on the cards throughout the book. I call it “Mail Dirty”.

Card 4 | Deborah Sussman

Ms. Sussman works at Sussman/Prejza & Co., Inc. in California and is on the board for the American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA) of Los Angeles.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Card 3 | Michael Schwab

I met and talked a long while with Michael at a Creative Summit in 2006. His style is very recognizable and I’m happy to see my name in his trademark font.

Card 2 | Stephan Sagmeister

I had the opportunity to meet Stephan when he spoke at the Creative Summit in San Marcos, TX in 2004. I also made a dork of myself by explaining that I did a report on him for one of my design classes. He was really nice about it and was kind enough to do a card for me 2 years later.

I’m not sure what these trees are supposed to mean, but they appear to be expressive and quick. This is the first card that showcases my name diagonally.

Card 1 | Will Hornaday

Will wins the award for first card turned in. He works in Austin at the infamous Shoehorn Design, where I was able to do my summer internship. He didn’t talk to me much at fi rst, but now when I visit, he’s a real nice guy.

The Project Invitations Part Two: The Invite

Go ahead and count them. There are exactly 100 dots on this card meant to represent the 100 creatives on the list for this book project.

The Project Invitations

These are pictures that I took when this project took over my kitchen table. I spent a load of money that I’m sure the US Postal Service just loved. On the opposite page is the prompt, or invitation that I included in the matching envelope, along with the card you’ ll see soon.

Book Intro

The idea for this book came to me after attending another year at the Creative Summit in 2006. The idea was to compile a collection of different versions and drawings of my name and create a full project book. I asked over 100 designers, illustrators, photographers and other creatives from across the nation to help me build this book and make one of many, and many of one. The purpose of this project is to compare the creative minds of many different and brilliant people by giving them each the same task.

As a recent design graduate, I decided to make this book as a main part of my portfolio, since I never had the chance to create a book in any of my design classes. I am happy that many of my mentors, inspiring designers, illustrators, photographers and friends helped me create this book by providing a simple piece of art for others to enjoy. I hope that you appreciate this broad scope of these creatives and like seeing what I received as much as I did.

Welcome to the Project

Hello! Welcome to the Sabrina Design Project.

A couple of years ago, right after I graduated from Texas State University, I had the idea to collect my name, Sabrina in every shape and form I could think of. As a graphic designer, I had met and been inspired by a number of professionals, professors, teachers, mentors and friends and began a book project. I finished a first draft of the book, but due to a hard drive crash, and the inability to mass produce it, or add new projects to it, I have decided to post my book in a blog form, and continue to add Versions as I get them.

Enjoy, comment, and contact me if you are interested in participating!