Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Card 20 | Benjamin R. Thompson

Hoooray! 20 Cards!

This card comes from Ben Thompson, the creative director of Studiofluid - a branding and web design company in Los Angeles, CA. Go check them out!

I love this pencil work. I think we designers forget how awesome a pencil can be. Thanks, Ben!

Card 19 | Jordan Minton

Sorry folks! It has been a while. This card came a while back, but got buried in my desk. I am sure this has happened to you before. (yes, I mean you!)

Jordan Minton is a recent graduate of my alma mater, Texas State University - San Marcos. The Communication Design program there is incredible, and they are excited about their new MFA program for people who want to turn around and become awesome teachers. Jordan is active with AIGA Austin and is already out in the real world.

Jordan's card is really neat. Not only is it painted and inked, but it is cut out so the name and cat pop out. I took a photo that shows how it works. Little does he know, that even though I am not witchy, I do love cats. Thanks Jordan!