Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Card 16 | Kristofer Delaney

Card 16 is from good old NYC!

Kristofer Delaney works at Ogilvy & Mather, a prestigious company that prides itself on building brands.

I am not sure why salt is considered good luck, but I appreciate it nonetheless and the two-headed dog is pretty awesome. I wonder if that picture is Kristofer. I also liked the huge envelope it came in. I couldn't just ignore that. Something about a sharpie that is just neat.

Card 15 | Jeff Caldwell

I sent about half my cards to California and always receive awesome work.

I found Jeff Caldwell from a list of people involved with John Bielenberg's Project M, and noticed that he is the main guy in a company called The Vega Project. Well, now I know that this is a project based off "Sabrina" I couldn't help but take note of a company with my last name in the title.

Now what is funny, is that if you compare this to John Bielenberg's card on this site, it looks like these guys both like a fine tip ink pen for their doodles. Ha.

Card 14 | Justin Renteria

This card hails from Aurora, CO from Justin Renteria. His illustration can be found at his website, and in your upcoming July copy of Communication Arts Illustration Annual 50. What an honor! CA was always the designer's bible turned shelf status when I was in school. Congrats to Justin!

He also has a blog here. Go check it out and get inspired!

I love this piece. There is a great texture to the piece and feels like ink from a screen print. It also says, "...yes, coffee!" hahaha

Card 13 | Erin Montoya

The other half of E&P Designs is Erin Montoya, (the strawberry).

The colors on this are fabulous. Reminds me of those old marquees that has the sequined arrows. mmm?

Make sure you look at Paco Montoya (Card 12) to see how they must be able to cover a lot of bases within their company. Both fun, yet different styles. Lovely.

Card 12 | Paco Montoya

Woof! I was gone at Design Ranch for 4 days and came home to a treasure pot of cards!

From Houston, TX, Paco Montoya is half of E&P Designs. He and his wife (card 13) found my site from HOW and have been following ever since. I hope they are still enjoying seeing what comes into my mailbox as I am.

I love graffiti, and check out that lovely ink stain that the post man added.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Card 11 | Michael Carabetta

Did I mention how much I love Chronicle Books? Well, I jumped when I saw this one from Michael Carabetta who works at Chronicle Books. From the looks of it, the name was written with an real ink pen and India ink. I bet his job is a lot of fun! I love their beautiful book design, and fun stationary. I order packs of postcards all the time from them and send them to my friends when I get a spare moment (which has not been lately). When was the last time you sent some snail mail?

Card 10 | Jeff Barlow


I get my own font! Jeff Barlow of Jelvetica (yes, that is not a typo!) created a 'font' called Sabrinavers, and states, "sometimes she's regular, sometimes she's bold, but she's always Sabrina."

You should check out his website! The best part (besides the art) is you navigate through the website with your arrow keys, instead of the mouse. How neat!

Card 09 | Mike Srassberger

Card 9 comes from Mike Srassberger of Modern Dog Design Co. in Seattle. I am not sure what it is about, but I think it it very neat how he used an almost dead marker to create the outside edge. I guess I shouldn't be so quick to throw them away. Modern Dog has an email list if you want to get updates on what they have been working on. It is always a nice break to take and admire other great work from other designers. Thanks Mike!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Card 08 | Jean Sanders

Yeah! Another beautiful watercolor, once again from Jean Sanders! I get her daily artwork blog in my mail box every morning and it is always a nice thing to wake up to. Ah, eggs!

Card 07 | Jan Heaton

I got a watercolor jackpot!

I was speechless when I got this lovely card from Jan Heaton. Not only did I get the original piece, but a scanned and printed copy was glued to the front of a card with a sweet message inside. I love her handwriting. I had to show the back of the watercolor card too.

Jan Heaton is an illustrator and watercolor master based here in Austin, TX. She is going to have a workshop at Design Ranch this year, and I am uber excited to take it! We're going to get to paint with found objects. I hope I get to make something that looks really neat.