Monday, May 4, 2009

Sabrina at the Beach!

My friend bought this for me when she was in Florida. While they are cheesy, I rarely find my name on anything, so I loved it!

I like the seagull with sunnies.

Card 18 | Codie Smith

I met Codie at Design Ranch and we've been playing all over facebook ever since. He told me he "cheated" by throwing my last name in, but I reminded him that there are no rules!

He like others, seemed to be glad to be drawing again. I don't even know how he got that brilliant color. It makes the cool hand drawn lettering just pop off the page. Thanks Codie!

Card 17 | Sean Carnegie

Look at this!

Sean Carnegie works as a principal in Austin, TX at LewisCarnegie. I had the opportunity to meet him when I involved myself with AIGA Austin as a student. Now I have been able to hang out with him and lots of AIGA Austin folk at the recent Design Ranch.

He told me that the postal service was giving him a hard time sending the postcard, but it got to me. I like to call the stamps flag-flag-kiwi, and it cracks me up. Notice that there is a card actually stapled to the postcard. I am glad that it didn't get lost. It's hard to portray with the scan, but when you tilt the card, you can see some additional markings in the light. I think the plasticity of that paint created an unexpected semi-gloss finish. Yeah!